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We love to talk about our dedication sustainability and ethics and we pride ourselves on how open and honest we are about each part of our business. We always say if you can't find an answer to what you're looking for from a brand, chances are they don't want you to know it. 

There are so many ways we strive to be sustainable as a brand and it all stems from Sophie's background in vintage fashion. With a small collection of dresses made from recycled vintage fabrics, the progression to bridal seemed apt. Bridal is the one of a small number of industries within fashion that is not ‘fast’. Bridal-wear is loved and cherished for years to come, often being kept in pride of place, worn by generations, passed down or adapted in to something else. This appealed to the brand ethics and so we took it a little further.

Here are just a few ways in which we strive to be sustainable in our ways.


After making everything from recycled fabrics, we soon realised the brand was too big to continue to do so. We source the majority of our fabrics from UK and European companies, using only a small number of suppliers so we can order in bulk to limit our carbon footprint and to support our economy. Once our fabrics arrive, our entire process is done in house, from pattern making to production. Keeping things local boosts our economy in so many ways, we provide jobs, support the UK garment making industry and lower our emissions. 


We're so proud to use such a huge range or recycled and oeko-tex fabrics through our ranges. Some of our dresses are even 100% recycled which is unheard of in bridal! (FYI most places will say 20% which means they purchased a recycled lining) 


In 2022 we also introduced the world first certified vegan (by the European Vegetarian Society) fabrics to our collections and we're so proud to be able to offer this, complete with certificates, to anyone that asks!


As our production is made-to-order, we have little to no over stock on our pieces and we rarely discontinue any of our items. Having everything made in house means we can adapt our pattern cutting methods to limit fabric waste as well.


However, It is inevitable we have fabric waste. At presents, we donate our fabric scraps to charitable organisations such as creative sessions with dementia patients. We are working towards a solution to shred our fabric scraps to use as linings for pet beds that we will donate profits to our local animal shelters. 


Ethics aren't just taking care of the environment but making sure we stay true to ourselves and our brand. All of our designs are orignal pieces and we will refuse any custom orders to mimic other designers. 


We're working towards offsetting our carbon emissions as a business by funding reforestation projects on Ecologi



We LOVE to work and collab with eco-friendly businesses. In 2019 we worked on a project with West London Waste Authority and Arcadia to create a dress made from 100% recycled fabrics which was raffled off by donating clothing to TRAID warehouse. Here are a few stats from what we achieved:

  • We made the dress by piecing together 8 different items donated by TRAID and Arcadia

  • 2.15 tonnes of clothing was donated (over 7500 items!) during the campaign.

  • 20.5 tonnes of CO² were saved from these donations

  • That's 3448m³ of water as well!

You can read more about our our dress and the gorgeous winner by visiting the WLWA website here

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