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Do I have to make an appointment?

Our studio is appointment only so please don’t call in with out one! We’re always squirrelling away on dresses or might be in the middle of a current appointment. We take Saturday appointments or evening appointments. You can also make an appointment with any of our stockists by contacting them directly.

How do I make an appointment?

E-mailing us is best! We find it hard to keep up with the multiple platforms of social media! You can also call us, but we may not answer if we’re shooting or in an appointment. If you can let us know on your e-mail what you’re interested in, when is best for you to come in, your budget and dress size it will give us a great idea to get you set up before coming in!

What should I bring to an appointment?

We recommend a good bra, nude underwear and heels if you intend to wear them! Our dresses have no structure so a good bra is key. Most of our dresses can be made around your underwear to ensure that everything is covered so you don’t have to go that low on our backs if you need some support up front!

Do you charge for appointments?

We don’t charge for your first appointment! You have two hours with us at our studio to try on as much as you’d like. After your first appointment, we charge £50 for a second appointment but this comes off your dress purchase.

I’ve bought my dress through a boutique, can you alter it for me?

We don’t offer an alteration service through us, we only make our dresses bespoke for brides who purchase directly through us. If you’re having trouble finding someone to alter your dress, speak to your boutique, they can usually recommend a seamstress for you!

Do you stock my area?

We currently only have stockists in the UK - you can find them all on our contact page here. We also occasionally have trunk shows at new spots, you can keep up to date with these on our social media or by signing up to our mailing list

Do you ship dresses if I live too far from a stockist/overseas?

Of course! However, all of our dresses are made specifically to each order so once they are in production, we can not refund any money and they can not be returned. We suggest giving your gown a try on somewhere first if at all possible or at least a similar style to give you the best idea possible before ordering.

Can I alter your designs?

The benefit of our dresses being made to each order means we can cater to brides wishing to make minor changes to our styles. We often add/remove/change sleeves, higher backs and lower necklines. We can also add or remove trains to most of our dresses. Contact us about what it is you’d like to do before ordering to make sure it can be done

What is the price range?

Our dresses vary in prices, starting at £1400 up to £3300 with our bespoke florals starting at £3750. Most of our dresses sit between £1500-£2000. Our lace crops sit between £220-£850 and skirts from £650 - £1750. Our prices may vary slightly through our boutiques so please contact them direct for pricing if approaching them

Can I come to you studio?

Absolutely! We love showing people where our dresses are made. We have our entire range here for Brides to try and each dress is made bespoke through us eliminating any alterations costs. You can come hang out among the plants and fabrics (maybe even our studio pup) and have your dress made from scratch to fit you.

What is the #bridalrevolution?

We believe in being a total badass bride and totally you on your wedding day. We defy bridal traditions and want to start our own revolution against them! We’re so proud to have so many brides along side us on our journey to change the bridal scene and can’t wait to introduce you to our ways!

Where are your based?

We have our pride and joy little studio set up in the heart of Cardiff and we’re so proud to be Welsh! We love our city and all it offers and welcome you to come have a look around! You can see our studio in all it’s glory on our about page.

Can I stock your dresses?

Yes! We have a 50 mile exclusivity range on our dresses so we can’t offer you our pieces if somewhere close by stocks us. We have a trade list if you want to get in touch, pop an e-mail to

How do I purchase bridesmaids?

We’ve worked super hard on sourcing quality materials for our bridesmaid dresses that won’t cost you the earth. It took us a LONG time to do this and the only way we can keep them at a good price is by not offering a bespoke service with them. They are currently only available online through our Etsy store.

Do you have sample sales?

We rarely discontinue any of our pieces unless we can no longer get the fabrics! You will find all of our sample pieces on our Etsy page to purchase. They are all sold as seen and usually in need of a dry clean.

I’ve seen something you’ve made that isn’t on your website, where can I find it?

Sometimes we make things specifically for a shoot or one off events. Usually, you can purchase these as a sample or ongoing through our Etsy page. If you can’t find it on there, pop us an e-mail with a pic and we can let you know if we can still make it or have the sample available!

Do you do bespoke?

If you have a specific idea in mind of something you want, by all means pop us an e-mail or give us a call! We do not under any circumstances copy any images of dresses you give us. Our bespoke service starts at £3000. We chat with you through every option of shape, fabric and embellishment and sketch you up some of our ideas. We make all of our patterns bespoke for you so you need a pretty good idea of what will suit you as there’s no going back!

Can you recommend other suppliers for our wedding?

Oh man - we work with so many amazing suppliers we’re always happy to give you anything you need from photographers to food, make up to shoes. Just ask us what you’re after and we’ll give you all our pals details.

Do you lend out dresses for styled shoots?

We do but we need the shoots to fit in with our brand and have signed models so please consider this when e-mailing us! We get a lot of enquiries for shoots so please don’t be offended if you don’t hear back from us!